the tax wall
road to relief


If you have tax debt this is probably not the happiest moment in your life.

If you have tax debt you are probably overworked, overwhelmed, and worried about the future.

If you have tax debt start the path to tax relief today.

Tax Relief Today is a service offered by Glouzgal Ramos Groth LLP. We call it that because from the moment you get us the necessary documents (or empower us to get them on your behalf) we start working on stopping tax problems that are causing you immediate financial hardship.

Our Tax Relief Today program aims to provide:

  1. relief from tax problems including stopping levies, garnishments and liens from completely devastating your financial situation; and
  2. long term tax resolution solutions to remove your current tax debts forever.

Not all clients qualify for all types of tax relief from the IRS but We can begin evaluating your tax problem as soon as you provide us with the handful of documents we need.



IRS Agents are trained professionals. Agents take courses and have a policy and procedure manual on how to handle not only your tax debt, but how to handle you.

Yet nobody provides the U.S. citizen with a manual on handling the IRS; there are thousands of pages of tax code, IRS procedures, memos, and case law.

Would you expect to win a boxing match against a trained professional?

We have developed our Tax Relief Today program from years of hands on experience dealing with the IRS. We have counseled numerous individuals, couples, families and businesses regarding their tax problems.

Other attorneys and lawyers; Medical services including physicians, psychologists, acupuncturists and at home healthcare providers; Bars and restaurants; Non-Profits and charities (501c); Property holding and investment companies; Entertainers (musicians); Athletes and training facilities; Laundromats; Convenience stores; Gas stations; Information technology professionals (IT); Bed & Breakfast and Inns; Event venues; Teachers; Home improvement contractors; Breweries: WE HELPED THEM SOLVE TAX PROBLEMS.

We Are NOT A Tax Relief Company

We are attorneys licensed and insured in the State of Connecticut. We are not a tax relief company. We are not sales people who sign you up and refer you to another company. We are legitimate legal counsel who specialize in tax relief.

Why Tax Relief Companies Are The Worst

Have I mentioned we are not a tax relief company? I hope I have gotten my point across that we are not. That’s because tax relief companies are the worst and the FTC seems to agree with our opinion. You may be asking yourself, why is it better to hire a tax attorney than a tax relief company?

I think the best way to answer that is to show you why tax relief companies are terrible. The bottom line is that many of the people working for a tax relief company to help relieve you of your tax debt are in absolutely no way more qualified to handle your tax problem than you are. Further, some of the agencies are straight up thieves and make unauthorized charges on their clients cards (according to an FTC memo). Many of these companies do not offer refunds, not even partial ones. So it turns out the only thing some tax relief companies are going to relieve you of is more of your hard earned money.

In fact some tax relief companies are so bad and the FTC received so many complaints that they wrote a memorandum on how bad tax relief companies are. Here’s a quote:

“….these companies claim they can reduce or even eliminate your tax debts and stop back-taxes by applying for legitimate IRS hardship programs. The truth is that most taxpayers don’t qualify for the programs these fraudsters hawk, their companies don’t settle the tax debt, and in many cases don’t even send the necessary paperwork to the IRS.”

Why Hire A Tax Attorney To Handle Your Tax Relief

At this point you may be thinking “wait a minute, aren’t you guys offering to eliminate my tax debts and stop back taxes through IRS programs?”. Why yes, yes we are. The only difference is we are attorneys; trained professionals who spent 7 years in school (each) and passed Bar exams to be able to represent our clients.

We don’t charge massive fees up front before we make determinations on what we can do for you and only then do we charge you a fee based on what we can actually do. There is a small fee to have us pull and review your paperwork (after all, we can’t work for free). However, even if our determination is that we can’t help you, at least you didn’t waste your time or pay a tax relief company more to not do anything.

Our Fees & Money Back Guarantee

Our fees come in 2 parts. The first is a relatively small Tax Relief Determination fee and the second is our Tax Relief Services fee.

The Tax Relief Determination fee covers the initial tax liability review. You will need to provide us with any documentation you have and authorize us to get any additional documentation ourselves. We will review your tax problem as well as your personal situation, financial or otherwise, and come to a determination of if, and if so how, we can help you get tax relief. At a minimum you will know what you owe the IRS and what can be done about it.

The Tax Relief Services will be based on your specific situation. There is no way for us to estimate this fee until we review your situation and come to a determination on the possible solutions and the amount of work those solutions will take. If you decide to have us represent you with the IRS the fee will need to paid up front in full.

Our 100% Guarantee

The Tax Relief Determination fee is non-refundable once we begin working.

If at any time between accepting our Tax Relief Services and the point at which we submit your paperwork you feel like we have not been living up to our promises you can fire us and receive a full refund of any Tax Relief Service fees you had paid, minus any costs we incurred on your behalf such as document fees, filing fees, etc.

Once we have gone through the labor of preparing and filing your paperwork with the IRS there can be no refund as we have done the bulk of our work.

Please note that we make no guarantees as to whether any tax relief plan will be accepted by the IRS; in fact it is unethical for us to do so.