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What Is An Offer In Compromise?

What is an Offer in Compromise?  One option for taxpayers seeking tax relief is the Offer in Compromise, or “OIC”. This is one of the most common solutions for them to settle their tax liabilities. The offer in compromise is an agreement between the taxpayer and the Internal Revenue Service to accept a lump sum […]

What If I Can’t Pay My Taxes?

What If I Can’t Pay My Taxes? In our office, we often get calls from people who do not yet have a tax issue yet they are looking for some general tax advice. Very often, this person has a tax obligation they know they can’t pay, and they know that it’s going to create some […]

What Is A Tax Levy?

Tax Debt Leads To Tax Levy A tax debt is one of the most difficult debts to remove, sometimes surviving bankruptcy. The IRS has powers well beyond a regular creditor. Among the best examples of their power is a tax levy: the IRS takes hold of your property to fulfill your tax debts. About the […]